A brilliant ending to the season at Nürburgring

The sixth and final weekend of the ADAC GT4 Germany series, from November 5th to November 7th, marked the end of a dynamic season full of surprises.

Stefan started the weekend behind the wheel from position 8 and climbed up to 6th, but went back to 8th place after some serious competition on the track. He managed to keep his spot in the top 10 before Pavel took over for the second part of the day. He managed to climb up to 6th place and finished 2nd later on.

Lefterov started the race on Sunday from position 11. After taking over the car for the second part of the day, Stefan maintained a secure 6th place for most of the race and finished 7th.

The boys ended the last race of the season with a total time of 56:37.978 and best lap time of 1:36.505 minutes.